The Daily Heat Index: Daryl Dixon Battles a New Breed of Walkers on ‘Jimmy Kimmel: Live!’

Plus, ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ might be R-rated after all, and Kate McKinnon stops by ‘The Ellen Show’ as Ellen.

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Gliding Zombie Douchebags
With The Walking Dead set to up the ante this season, it’s impossible to imagine all the new challenges lying ahead for Rick and the rest of the gang. TWD‘s Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel: Live! to talk about his latest televised undead escapades and to show us what would happen if his character ran into something currently plaguing the real world: hoverboards. Even when fully equipped with the ‘futuristically funky” piece of garbage technology, the horde of walkers are no match for Daryl, his crossbow, and a flight of stairs. 

Batman v. Superman Goes R-Rated
When Zack Snyder’s take on a DC classic hits theaters on March 25th, it’ll be action-packed, aesthetically pleasing, and only PG-13. But good things come to those who wait, and when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rolls around to DVD, the extended ‘Ultimate Edition’ will be labeled with a hard R. Thanks to extended sequences of violence, we’ll finally get to see a full-fledged live action showdown between the Man of Steel and The Dark Knight in its rightful form — and we can’t wait.

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Ellen on ‘Ellen’
Fans were treated to a double dose of Ellen during the taping of the daytime talk show’s opening monologue on Wednesday. Going back into her bag of impressions, SNL star Kate McKinnon went full ‘Ellen’ with wig, outfit, and quirky demeanor and took over for the 58-year old comedienne. After telling an untrue story about her wife Portia and some baby goats, the two danced it out across the studio before McKinnon headed out – probably to Ghostbusters reshoots