The Daily Heat Index: Demi Lovato Just Showed Off Some Seriously Impressive Twerking Skills

The sultry singer shakes it up in a twerk-tastic new clip.

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Backstage Booty Shaking
Demi Lovato’s “Future Now” tour is well under way, and the talented 23-year old is on the road showing why her hit singles are certified platinum. But while we already had an idea as to how perfect the pop star’s pitch is, did anyone know Lovato was such a talented dancer? And by dancer, we mean certified twerker. If the backstage quick change clip above proves anything, it’s that Lovato has some hidden talents we’d love to see more of.

Kristen Wiig or JoJo Fletcher?
During her latest late night talk show cosplay with Jimmy Fallon, Ghostbusters star Kristen Wiig dressed up as current Bachelorette contestant, JoJo Fletcher. She describes the series, nicknamed her suitors, and chatted about the show’s slogan. And of course, none of it was accurate. Watch the hilarious clip above:

Boogie with the Storm Troopers
News has begun to spread that Star Wars: Episode VIII is officially wrapped, so naturally, it’s time to party. Dance group Boogie Storm solidified their place as the coolest kids in the galaxy with this Star Wars performance just for the cast and crew. But if you’re hoping for a breakdown in the next installment, don’t press your luck.