The Daily Heat Index: This Epic Movie Trailer Mash-Up Will Remind You 2015 Was a Great Year for Cinema

Plus, things get musical when Fallon and McFarlane team up on The Tonight Show, and a marching band channels their inner ‘Adele.’

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet: 

Pick a Movie, Any Movie

2015 was a complete whirlwind of top-notch cinema, but twelve months is a seriously long time to remember every movie that’s come out (I mean, Selma‘s early January release actually feels like decades ago). If you need a little refresher, you’re in luck: the movie trailer mash-up below reminds you what you still need to see, what you wish you hadn’t, and what you’ll be going back to watch again and again, all in a quick 9 minutes. Grab your popcorn and get going.

A New Way to Say ‘Hello’

The Southern University Marching Band completely slayed the halftime show at the Bayou Classic against Grambling University with their ultimate cover of Adele’s newest track, ‘Hello.’ As per tradition, the bands from both schools battled it out during the game’s middlepoint, and the Southern U Marching Band, a.k.a. the “Human Jukebox,” partnered with the “Dancing Dolls” to deliver a performance so brilliant, even the powerhouse singer herself should be impressed. Southern U may have lost the game, but the true victory lies in the hands of these musically inclined kids. 

Soothing Sounds from Jimmy and Seth

We all know the users on Yahoo! Questions make the case for both better school systems and more comprehensive sex ed, but somehow, hearing it just makes it all too clear. When Seth MacFarlane joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the pair read some of the most hilarious questions they could find, set to a soundtrack of smooth jazz.