The Daily Heat Index: Here’s Why Twitter’s Favorite Movie is ‘The Dark Knight’

Are you even that surprised?


Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

What’s Your #7FavFilms?
The power of a hashtag can go a long way using the social media-sphere. Hundreds of thousands of Twitter users professed their love via their favorite movies, using #fav7films, and the results were spread out across the board. The Dark Knight ended up coming out victorious as the most-ranked film, courtesy of research done by Fizzology and Mashable. The second Batman installment’s 5,056 mentions edged out the Quentin Tarantino classic, Pulp Fiction.

Courtney Love’s Private Concert
Rocker Courtney Love treated couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris to a special private concert this week during a visit to their home. It appears the Hole singer was in the midst of monkeying around for Faris’ podcast before taking a break to perform 2010 track, “Never Go Hungry.” You know, just your typical Tuesday night. 

Taco Bell Gets Crispy
In their latest food venture, stoner hub Taco Bell is trying their hand at triple-sided deep fried chicken nuggets with a side of neon yellow nacho cheese. Currently being put through the ringer before hitting official menus, these “Crispy Chicken Chips” may just be the perfect nemesis to Burger King’s heavenly “Chicken Fries” concoction. Solid move, TB.