The Daily Heat Index: It’s Time to Celebrate ‘Festivus’ the Right Way

Plus, we get in the holiday spirit with the inmates of Litchfield, and see the most terrifying Christmas video of all time.

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Festivus for the Rest of Us
It’s the most wonderful time of year! Inspired by legendary sitcom, Seinfeld, the anti-holiday holiday allows people to gather ’round and celebrate something other than the typical norms that come with the Christmas season. Thanks to scriptwriter Dan O’Keefe, the new holiday was introduced in 1997 episode ‘The Strike,’ and has forever since been a staple in pop culture around this time of year, with full fledged dinners, aluminum Festivus poles, and Festivus miracles. Don’t believe it yourself? Watch below and see where it all began:

‘Twas a Night 2.0
The not so silent, unholy inmates of Litchfield Prison are back this holiday season, and they’ve brought an update to a classic Christmas tale. In typical rhyming fashion, the stars of Netflix’s hit original series put their own spin on ‘Twas a Night Before Christmas,’ easing the pain as we await for Season 4 to premiere in late 2016. From Piper to Crazy Eyes, Big Red to Boo, there isn’t much that the ladies from Orange is the New Black can’t do. 

Condoms For One and All
Celebrate this Christmas season with a supercut of children crying on Santa’s lap, and don’t forget to thank your parents for the hellstorm of tantrums you inevitably put them through when you were that age.