The Daily Heat Index: Watch The Action-Packed Final Trailer for ‘Suicide Squad’

Plus: Homer Simpson discovers ‘Pokemon Go!’ and Chris Pine is the Inflatable Flip Cup King.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Who’s the Boss?
Warner Brothers is set on reminding everyone who’s in charge when Suicide Squad drops on August 5th – and that, ladies and gents, is Viola Davis. As A.R.G.U.S leader Amanda Waller, Davis keeps everything at a need-to-know basis, sending the world’s most diabolical villains on a mission with the threat of ending their lives if they misbehave. Joel Kinnaman’s Rick Flagg admits that nobody ever believes the “Amanda Waller” stories, but maybe it’s about damn time they start.

Pokemon Doh!
In a one-off clip from FOX, everyone’s favorite father, Homer Simpson has immersed himself in the world of Pokemon Go, which leaves no time to pay attention to kids Bart and Lisa. While the two meander through the zoo with bad intentions, Homer continues to hunt for Sandshrew, Drowzee, and Mankee in the hopes of catching ’em all. It’s no surprise even animated characters are catching on to the latest craze.

Inflatable Flip Cup Challenge
Jimmy Fallon is up for another flip cup challenge, this time, recruiting Star Trek Beyond star Chris Pine to drink as much beer as possible while in a colorful fat suit. Watch above and see which of the men come out victorious, and which one never really stood a chance.