The Daily Heat Index: Gambit Finds Its Female Lead in Lea Seydoux

Amy Schumer shares some words of wisdom, The Donald contradicts himself, and Channing Tatum might have a new co-star.

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An Offer She Can’t Refuse

The latest lady to swoon over James Bond’s charms might have another role lined up. The always gorgeous Lea Seydoux is in talks to play Bella Donna Boudreaux, the female lead in 2016’s next Marvel hit, Gambit. After securing their male lead in Channing Tatum, it comes as no surprise that they’d want a big star like Lea to balance things out. We can’t wait to see the French actress channel her inner-Cajun for the role.

Amy’s Words of Wisdom

Comedian, woman of the hour and Bachelor fanatic, Amy Schumer, had some advice for the recently revealed Bachelor, Ben Higgins. “Ben, I would say ‘Don’t do it.’ Just kidding,” joked the Trainwreck star. “I am so excited for you, I hope you find love. Do you want to have phone sex right now?” You can always give us a call, Amy.

This is Why We’re Afraid to be Parents

This video is enough to make you wonder if having kids is worth the worry. What you’re looking at is a 12 year old boy in Taiwan tripping and punching a hole into a $1.5 million painting. Thankfully, the Guardian reports that the organizer of the private exhibition won’t be asking his family to pay for the damages. You’re on thin ice, kid. 

“You’re Fired”.. But Are You?

Though his polling isn’t horrible, Donald Trump has been having a tough time since announcing his campaign for the Republican presidential candidacy. This week, The Donald dissenters had themselves a laugh at the business man’s expense once uncovering that his clothing line was manufactured in Mexico. After rampaging on about how Mexico is stealing our jobs, is it the best choice to voluntarily give them more, Mr. Trump?

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