The Daily Heat Index: Prepare for Halloween with this Horrifying Haunted House Supercut

Plus, we watch Sandra Bullock get handsy with some ice cream, and Kendrick Lamar’s new video has a surprise cameo.

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Just Don’t Go in There

There’s nothing worse than hanging out in a dark, creepy house all by your lonesome. Long hallways are creepy, everything creaks, and slowly-opening doors usually lead to terrible, terrible things. This super-cut of unfortunate of suspenseful horror movie scenes comes just in time for Halloween, and also in time to confirm our suspicions that even when you think you’re alone in the house, you’re probably not.

Two Scoops, Please

If you were thinking to yourself, “Gee, I’d really like to watch Jimmy Fallon lick ice cream off a pair of plastic mannequin arms,” then you, sir, have very specific tastes, but you’re also in luck. Watch this bizarre and hilarious clip from the Tonight Show, where Fallon and guest Sandra Bullock reenact a movie scene with a twist: no one is allowed to use their real arms.

Can’t Get Enough of Crews 

Terry Crews makes everything better. The former NFL star turned Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and lovable goofball made a delightful cameo in Kendrick Lamar’s latest video for “These Walls.” Terry loves dancing. And we love Terry.