The Daily Heat Index: Happy Birthday, Anna Kendrick

The beautiful and talented actress turns 31 today.
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(Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

(Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

Anna Kendrick Turns 31
She went to toe-to-toe with the immortal George Clooney in Up in the Air, proved to have perfect pipes whether singing live in Pitch Perfect or lip syncing for her life on Lip Sync Battle, and now.. she's a troll (opposite Justin Timberlake, at least) in the upcoming 3D-animated Trolls. The 31-year old Maxim favorite's career versatility, intermixed with a dangerously sarcastic charm makes Kendrick the girl of our dreams. Happy birthday, Anna!

Strange in a Minute
Doctor Steven Strange finds himself in a reality unlike ever he's experienced before in a brand new Doctor Strange trailer released during last night's Olympics broadcast. The footage teases mystic arts and a whole lot of mayhem when Marvel's next project, Doctor Strange, is released on November 4th.

Hodor in Every Language
Hodor's tragic sacrifice left a lasting impression on Game of Thrones' audiences across the globe. While we discovered why he was only able to state the word "hodor," did you ever wonder what his utterance translated to in other languages? Thanks to Imgur user HooptyDooDooMeister, now you don't have to.