The Daily Heat Index: Happy Birthday, Karlie Kloss

The supermodel turns 24 today.


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Karlie Kloss Turns 24
Here’s wishing a happy birthday to Victoria’s Secret stunner Karlie Kloss. Runway walks and editorial posing aside, the breathtaking Illinois beauty and Taylor Swift bestie is also a budding philanthropist, with her latest venture focused on girls with a passion for computer science. Brains and beauty? Check.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Rotten Tomatoes vs. Suicide Squad
A petition is has started against Rotten Tomatoes’ critical smackdown of Suicide Squad, which currently stands at dismal 33 precent as of Wednesday morning. As the negative reviews roll in, the film’s rating percentage could continue to plummet, and fans aren’t pleased. The Egypt-based petition has already fetched 12,000 signatures. 

Nude Attitude
The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and guest Jonah Hill decided to spend their time with a new segment, spicing things up at the Arts Students League. The two were tasked with drawing still-life fruit, before shifting over to penciling a nude male model. You can only imagine how this turned out.