The Daily Heat Index: Here’s What We Know About The Big Battle in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Plus, a funnier ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer drops, and new footage shows the ‘Daredevil’ heroes in full costume.


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MCU’s Major Battle 
While we know Captain America: Civil War is on track to be a Marvel film of epic proportions, we haven’t seen much footage of the highly anticipated big battle that pits friend against friend.

When #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan square off, audiences will witness a fight scene unlike nothing they’ve seen before, with 15 minutes of superpowered punches and IMAX footage said to look like a big “cinematic splash page.” If you aren’t up to speed on your comic book terminology, CinemaBlend had director Joe Russo elaborate further. “We’re referring to this sequence as the splash panel or the double panel,” said Russo. “If you’re a comic book fan, you know that any epic book you would open it up, as a kid I would just go through and look at who was fighting who. I’d stand there in the store for 15 minutes until the guy told me to buy the book or get out. You’d just study it and so this sequence is our live-action splash panel or double panel. It’s a big epic sequence.”

Can May 6th come any sooner?

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‘Ghostbusters’ Just Got Funnier
When the first official Ghostbusters trailer debuted a few weeks back, some fans found it a little underwhelming. Despite all the hype, and having Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, along with an ensemble of hilarious women attached, it just wasn’t as funny as we expected. Although more funny footage might just be under wraps, we hoped the first look would make us want to purchase tickets right now. Luckily, an international trailer has been released, and while most of the details stay the same, there are a few additions that make the fun that much more promising. The main addition comes in the form of none other than Chris Hemsworth. Known primarily for his hammer-wielding as Thor, God of Thunder, Hemsworth brings a new energy to the assistant role originated by Annie Potts. It seems that he’ll be featured much more in Ghostbusters (like when he draws up a large chested ghost for a logo), and will be a seriously vital asset to the team. We’re not complaining. 

An ancient evil is coming. Time to suit up. #Daredevil

Posted by Marvel's Daredevil on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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Time to Suit Up
Whether with fist, sai, or full-blown machine gun, the characters of ‘Daredevil’ are fully prepared to protect the people of Hell’s Kitchen. In a new teaser trailer, we bear witness to comic book creations, both new and old, as they suit up and prepare to battle the darkness — or in some cases, avoid the allure of becoming it. March 18th will introduce us to Frank Castle aka The Punisher and femme fatale Elektra Natchios, two people who will turn Matt Murdock’s world upside down. We only have a few weeks left until we find out if this proves to be too much for the blind vigilante to handle.