The Daily Heat Index: Hulk Will Smash Again in Thor: Ragnarok

Plus, Lauren Cohan’s next job looks terrifying, and we watch a fastball get cut in half.

Ruffalo to Reprise ‘Hulk’ Role for Next Thor Installment

The rumors are true, boys and girls! That big green tank of a man will team up with the Norse god of thunder in Thor: Ragnarok, the third installment of the franchise. This marks Ruffalo’s first appearance as the Marvel character outside of the Avengers films, and frankly, we’re pretty fucking pumped. Hulk is a serious asset to team and when we saw him flying off to nowhere in the last film (sorry, spoilers), we were afraid we’d never see him again.. or at least until Infinity War. Putting him with the God of Thunder is the best pairing since peanut butter and jelly. 

Babysitting Can Be Murder

The Walking Dead‘s megababe Lauren Cohan stars in the horror film, The Boy, in which she’s hired to babysit a creepy as fuck life-size porcelain doll of a boy. What could possibly go wrong except for EVERYTHING?

Slice and Dice

Say a silent prayer of thanks that you are not this ball. But right after that, click on this video from oriconofficial to see what happens when a moving object gets sliced in half with a samurai sword at 100 miles per hour.