The Daily Heat Index: ICYMI, Here’s Negan’s Introduction on ‘The Walking Dead’

Plus, we look at a Han Solo kill count supercut, and an ‘X-Men’ featurette gives a new look at the Four Horsemen.

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Say Hello to Negan
The Walking Dead‘s most vicious bad guy, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), finally revealed himself on Sunday’s season six finale, and he made a big impression on Rick and the gang. After lining them up on their knees, the villain went back and forth threatening the lives of each before eventually landing on one and sending a big whack to their head using his trusty bat, Lucille. Because AMC and TWD‘s showrunners like to mess with our feelings, the 90-minute episode ended on a blackout with the sounds of crushing skull, but with no way to tell who met their untimely death until season 7. While we ponder who won’t be returning (money is on Glenn, just because, Glenn), watch the anticipated scene over and over and try to decipher this painfully bloody mystery for yourself. 

An Inside Look at the Four Horsemen
Apocalypse may be an all-powerful, explosively strong God-like mutant, but he couldn’t go forth with his master plan without a little bit of help. Behold the Four Horsemen: a group of recruits who, after having their powers amplified, do the bidding of Apocalypse and will help him rebuild the Earth by first destroying it completely. This latest X-Men featurette provides a new look at Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, and Angel, with cast members Michael Fassbender and Olivia Munn sounding off. Take a look at the new clip above, and get yourself pumped for when X-Men: Apocalypse makes its way to theaters on May 27th

Han Solo’s Kill Count
Have you ever pondered how many Storm Troopers and other various outer space goons Harrison Ford has taken out over his Star Wars years? Well, now’s your chance to relive Han Solo’s kills with Mr. Sunday’s latest YouTube supercut. There may be a younger incarnation of the character coming our way in 2018, but Harrison Ford will live on forever in our eyes.