The Daily Heat Index: Jimmy Kimmel Has a Future in Ballet

Plus, we watch an acrobatic hamster, and Star Wars ticket presales cause the internet to explode.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

With Style and Grace

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel proved that real men can wear pink. The late night host partnered with professional ballet dancer Misty Copeland to go through the motions of the technical sport. Take a look and watch Kimmel perfect his pliés, reassuring his future as a ‘ballerino’:

We Are All This Impaired Hamster

If you’re going to see one thing all day that brings nothing but pure, unadulterated bliss, it’s this potentially-brain damaged hamster who is literally leaping for joy all around his tiny cage. Supposedly filmed at a pet store somewhere in Russia, we can’t get enough of this arguably unhinged little guy’s acrobatics.

Star Wars Breaks the Internet

To no surprise, ticket presales spiked following the release of the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After the surge on sites like Fandango and AMC Theaters, things got a little wonky for Jedis around the globe, causing serious lag and some websites to crash due to the overwhelming number of people curious where the fuck Luke Skywalker was in the latest promotional footage. We’re not sure when more tickets will be available, but for those die-hard Star Wars fans desperate for December 18th, may the force be with you.