The Daily Heat Index: Jon Stewart Makes His Return to The Daily Show

Plus, we’re excited for the first trailer of Chelsea Does, and Channing Tatum takes out his anger on a helpless kitten. 

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Welcome Back, Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Monday to promote support for the renewal of a bill providing healthcare to 9/11 first responders. Stewart staged a reunion with 9/11 first responders who appeared on his show in 2010, but only one made it — two were ill and a third had died.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Nobody Does it Like Chelsea

The first full-length trailer for Chelsea Handler‘s new Netflix four-part doc, Chelsea Does, and we gotta say, it actually looks really good. Free from the tyranny of E! Network, the former talk show host sets out to cover topics like Silicon Valley, racism, drug usage, and other topics that only Handler could put an inappropriately comedic spin on. Premiering at Sundance in the beginning of 2016, the docuseries will be available for all your streaming pleasure on January 23rd.

Channing Tatum Has A Lot of Free Time

In collaboration with the Hateful Eight cast‘s in-studio appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, star Channing Tatum made a clip insulting a precious little kitten 8 times to make up for his inability to join his co-stars.  The poor animal, who has no idea it’s being held by that guy from Magic Mike, takes every offensive thing Tatum says like a man, including being called “a piece of shit” and a “pussy.” Clearly, Channing Tatum has a lot of time on his hands.