The Daily Heat Index: Jon Stewart is Stepping Into an Unexpected Ring

Vin Diesel shares big news, Halle Berry heats up late night, and Jon Stewart finds a new hosting gig.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Jon Stewart isn’t Done Just Yet

Jon Stewart is jumping back into the ring — just not the one you thought. The outgoing Daily Show star’s first hosting gig will be WWE’s SummerSlam, where the longtime wrestling fan will serve as master of ceremonies. The gig comes after a months-long play feud with WEE superstar Seth Rollins. We’re sure this will be great, but don’t count on a Moment of Zen.

The Next Furious Film Gets a Title

After an extremely emotional speech at the Teen Choice Awards in tribute of the late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel graced us with the next title in the TheFast and Furious franchise. Are you ready for it? Because marketing clearly ran out of better ideas, prepare for Fast 8 to speed into theaters in April 2017. We would be a little more irked by the title if these films weren’t so goddamn entertaining (Tokyo Drift, you get a free pass.)

Photo: Universal Pictures

We’ll Believe Anything She Says

Halle Berry was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, wore an incredible sheer shirt, and said that she believes there’s life on other planets. Our dream woman’s still got it.

Music to Our Ears

8 years running, Apple Music will host their annual free festival on September 19th-28th. Pharrell Williams, Florence + The Machine, One Direction and Disclosure will all take the stage at Roundhouse in London with their performances streamed live on Apple Music and Apple TV.

Trippy Ride

Ever wondered what tripping balls would be like? Just take a visit to this water slide in Bremerhaven, Germany, complete with flickering LEDs and complete darkness swallowing up all natural light. BYO anti-seizure and nausea medication.

Photos by Rick Kerns/Comedy Central