The Daily Heat Index: Check Out This Sh*tty Scene That Got Cut From Jurassic World

Plus, a candy map tells us what’s popular in each state, and we wish a very happy birthday to Kim Kardashian. 

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Cut the Shit

Remember that scene in the original Jurassic Park, where Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm comments that a collection of dino droppings a group of scientists are examining are ‘one big pile of shit’? Apparently Jurassic World had a throwback to that sequence, a throwback which is, also, one big pile of shit. Give it a watch, if you want. Or don’t.

Who Actually Likes Laffy Taffy?

As Halloween approaches, our minds turn to skimpy costumes and cavity-inducing candy. Here at Maxim we wouldn’t know anything about turning tricks, but which treat reigns supreme? The folks at Influenster have polled 40,000 of their users to find the most popular candy in each state. Some, like Connecticut, were correct, naming Reese’s as the best. Others, like Wisconsin, need to see a goddamn doctor because choosing Laffy Taffy is just embarrassing.

Kim K. Turns 35

Even if you really don’t care, it’s our duty to report that Kim Kardashian turns 35 today. The reality TV queen, bride of Kanye and Instagram overlord with 49.5 million followers has managed to become incredibly rich and wildly famous for not doing much of anything, and for that, we salute her. Happy Birthday, Kim, and don’t forget to post a selfie with your cake.