The Daily Heat Index: Kendall Jenner Frees Her Nipple at Coachella

Plus, we get a look at an epic chase scene from ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ and a new ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ promo teaches you all about the world’s first mutant.

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#FreeTheNipple for Kendall Jenner
Anything goes at Coachella, so it should come as no surprise that young Kardashian fashionista Kendall Jenner decided to reveal a little more than usual at the music festival, rocking some shorts with a see-through lace bra. The 20-year old’s decision allowed the world to bear witness to not only her exposed chest, but also her pierced nipple. It’s even better that her sister is the one who zoomed in for the up-close and personal view that we’re sure the world is very thankful for. Do you, Kendall.

An Epic ‘Civil War’ Chase Scene
Audi has teamed up with Captain America: Civil War to promote a new clip ahead of the film’s release, and this time it’s a better look at the chase scene between Cap, Winter Solider, and newest addition Black Panther. The commercial for the German carmaker is intertwined with footage of Black Panther’s hot pursuit of Winter Soldier, all while Captain America grabs hold of an Audi to gain a bit of an advantage in the speed department. This action-packed footage is just another taste of what’s to come when Marvel’s latest installment hits theaters on May 6th. 

All Hail En Sabah Nur
With promotion for X-Men: Apocalypse kicking into high gear, the latest look at upcoming Bryan Singer film focuses on the world’s very first mutant, Apocalypse. In a mockumentary style clip using footage from Days of Future Past, viewers are encouraged to join on May 27th (the film’s release) to ‘follow in the footsteps of En Sabah Nur’ and learn more about the ominous man who essentially laid waste to Earth’s civilization during his arrival. Oh, and he’s back to finish what he started.