The Daily Heat Index: Leo DiCaprio Really Wants an Oscar, So He Slept in an Animal Carcass

Plus, Australia releases a hangover-free vitamin vodka, and we watch Daniel Craig refuse to pout on-command.

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Raw Bison Liver, Anyone?

Leonardo DiCaprio is a very dedicated actor. For his upcoming film, The Revenantthe 40-year old fully embraced the vicious survival story as any other performer would: by eating raw bison liver and sleeping inside an animal carcass. The film, directed by Birdman‘s Alejandro G. Iñárritu, has some serious promise, which might be why DiCaprio is pulling out all the punches in pursuit of his first Oscar win. Plus, based on the extreme conditions the cast was placed in for a brutally cold nine months, a miniature gold man trophy would just be the slightest of compensations for potential frostbite.

Hangover No More

We’ll believe it when we binge-drink it and wake up feeling refreshed, but Vitamin Vodka, from an Australia-based label, claims that drinking their booze prevents hangovers. On their website, the company claims that’s because it’s “infused with vitamins to refresh and revitalize.” Okay sure. In that case, make mine a double.

Photo Credit: The Vitamin Alcohol Company

Bond Doesn’t Pout On Command

Whether or not you think Daniel Craig pout during his portrayal of James Bond, don’t ask him to do it on command. In a recent, increasingly awkward interview, the actor demurred on the subject before finally saying “I think you should move on,” when pressed. Pro tip: Don’t question 007.

Photos by Twentieth Century Fox