The Daily Heat Index: Mad Max and Uber Take Over Seattle

Miley drops her next album for free, Tyga puts Kylie in his new video, and we realize EDM films should stay out of the box office.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Oh, What a Lovely Day… to Uber

Just for today, and only in Seattle, you can ride in a Mad Max-themed Uber. To promote the release of the film’s video game, Warner Bros and the tech transport company joined forces to give a few lucky riders the trip of a lifetime. The stipulations continue: you must also be going to and from the PAX Prime gaming convention. So basically, these pictures are the closest you’re gonna get to a trip through the wasteland.

Tyga Wants You to Know He’s Dating Kylie Jenner

In case you ever doubted that Tyga and Kylie Jenner were together, the 18-year-old joins her rapper boyfriend in his latest music video “Stimulated.” As predicted by the name of the track, the California Hills-based shoot features a ton of PDA and a few NSFW lyrics. If knowing she’s legal is supposed to put us at ease, it doesn’t.

Miley Smokes Pot, Loves Peace, Releases New Album

After an unsettling go as host for the 2015 Video Music Awards, former tween-queen Miley Cyrus released her new album upon the world for free. Featuring classic titles such as, “I’m So Drunk,” “Bang Me Box,” and “Fweaky,” Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz is available to stream at this website or from SoundCloud. Because why wouldn’t you want to spend your day listening to Cyrus pay tribute to her friend’s dead cat?

EDMFilm Excites No One

Even the glorious presence of Emily Ratajkowski couldn’t save Zac Efron’s EDM drama “We Are Your Friends” over the weekend. The Warner Bros. flick made few pals among moviegoers when it debuted to a historically bad $1.8 million from 2,333 locations, the worst opening ever for a major studio movie opening in 2,000 or more theaters. On the bright side, Universal’s “Straight Outta Compton” remained No. 1 for the third straight weekend with $13.2 million.

Photos by Warner Bros.