The Daily Heat Index: Margot Robbie Threw a 24-Hour Rager for Her 24th Birthday

The fun-loving Aussie actress says she partied for 24 hours straight at “progressively filthier and filthier bars”.

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It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
As Margot Robbie can do no wrong, it should come as no surprise that the actress celebrates her birthday in epic style. When the Suicide Squad star turned 24, she gathered her friends for 24 hours of debauchery, kicking things off with a boozy breakfast before finding herself “at progressively filthier and filthier bars, until at 9 a.m. [when] we full-circle ended up back in our courtyard and popped another bottle of champagne,” she told Jimmy Kimmel. Just another reminder that Australians know how to party.

A Coke and Mentos Bath 
Any novice should know that combining a large helping of Coca-Cola with a few candy Mentos will cause a scientifically charged Mount Vesuvius eruption. So, one kid goes the extra step and adds a 1,500 gallon pool, ice, and a helpless drone into the mix, and the results are.. underwhelming. Check out the video above and see if this completely unnecessary experiment leaves you feeling thirsty:

Spider-Man In Action
After seeing Tom Holland in action during Civil War‘s crazy fight scenes, we now have a glimpse of the wall crawler in his natural habitat of Queens, New York. These photos come on the heels of some surprising casting rumors that are turning Spider-Man: Homecoming into a Marvel must-see.