The Daily Heat Index: Megan Fox Might Have to Pay Spousal Support

Plus, BVS gets its movie rating, Colbert reports on a church of weed, and Jimmy Kimmel channels his inner-Boston.

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Love Don't Cost a Thing

Megan Fox will likely have to shell out spousal support to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. The 42-year-old former Beverly Hills 90210 actor has filed papers requesting support from his smoking-hot Transformers star ex, TMZ reports. Green says he is unable to work because he suffers from vertigo ever since the couple got into a car accident in December 2014, which left Fox, 29, unharmed. Fox pulled the plug on their five-year marriage in August when she filed for divorce, citing June 15 as their official date of separation. Tough break, Brian!

BVS: Dawn of Justice Gets a Dreaded PG-13 Rating

There's been plenty of hype surrounding BVS, whether it's rumored appearances of Robin, or the chance we'll be seeing Wonder Woman duke it out against Doomsday. While we impatiently nerd out in anticipation of the comic book blockbuster, news of the film's rating has us questioning if it'll live up to expectations. With fingers crossed that we'd see a solid R, it seems our hopes and dreams have been crushed with the news that it's been branded a measly PG-13. Why do you ask? Aside from the "intense sequences of violence and action throughout," some "sensuality" will be added to the mix. Sounds like someone's getting frisky. 

Praise and Mary J

If you're instinctually drawn to the cannabis plant, you may want to think of switching churches. Stephen Colbert reports about the First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis, Indiana founded by "Keith Richards cosplayer" Bill Levin which recently held it's first service. And while there was no green in sight, it was clear that congregants had already given their thanks to Mary J.

Jimmy Hangs Out with Boston Bros

Have you seen that video of some Boston bro encountering a sunfish for the first time? If you haven't, don't sweat it — the only thing funnier than watching some dude from Southie freak out over a 'seam monstah' is seeing him do it in person on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Watch it now: 

Photos by Bobby Bank / GC Images