The Daily Heat Index: There’s Even More Brand New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Footage

Plus, Otto the Bulldog breaks records, and we watch the best ‘Friday the 13th’ kills in honor of this unlucky day.

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Behold New Force Awakens Footage

If you weren’t one of millions tuning in to How to Get Away with Murderon Thursday, you mssed out on some new footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this quick 60-second snippet, we’re shown to a more in-depth look at the battle between the Force and the Dark Side with a big focus on the relationship between main characters Finn and Rey. While we don’t know if the Force is strong in either of them, we do witness a solid blaster pass-off to Rey by none other than Han Solo. Could this be a quick tease to get us off Rey’s trail, or is the baton being passed from father to daughter? This, and about 100 other things, are still a mystery, but we’ll find out soon enough on December 18th.

The Wrong Side of a Machete

If you had thought your luck had run dry this Friday the 13th, remember that things could be far worse. Case in point, check out these top 13 gonzo kills from the Friday the 13th franchise, which showcase Jason’s flair for killing sex-crazed teenagers in epically creative fashion. It doesn’t get much worse than two lovers getting impaled with a spear mid-coitus.

Record-Breaking Bulldog

Otto, a bulldog from Peru, just skateboarded his way into history and our hearts. The modern-day Spuds Mackenzie succeeded in

breaking the Guinness World Record

for longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder (aka our new favorite world record category) by shredding through 30 people – radical! Just look at his canine kick-push, and his goofy floppy tongue. We certainly couldn’t skate underneath that many people, so props to Otto. The gnarly pup is only three years old, so we’re hoping to see more from him in his skating career.


Maxim Staff