The Daily Heat Index: The Trailer for the New Paranormal Activity Might Give Us Some Answers

Plus, we watch a horrific traffic jam, and Keanu Reeves explains why he was missing from Speed 2. 

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Watch This With the Lights On

On October 21st, people will be flocking to theaters worldwide to cry in their seats as they cringe during the supposed final installment to the Paranormal Activity franchise. Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension appears to tell the story of yet another family finding the same ‘ol tapes, with more minute-long camera pans, eerie sounds, and that goddamn demon, Toby. Will we get some answers? Seems like it. But our money’s on a few more Paranormal‘s churning out before the end of the decade. 

And You Thought Your Commute Was Bad?

No matter what hardships you faced getting to work this morning, it could have been worse. Mirror reports that during a holiday in China known as “Golden Week,” an estimated 750 million people attempted to go on vacation, resulting in this insane 50-lane jam on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway. Public transit, you’ve never looked so good.

Keanu Spills About His Speed 2 Absence

While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, Keanu Reeves mentions his body work being well received overseas, more specifically, Japan. Once he utters the title, Speed, the audience roars, which allows Kimmel to probe Reeves about why he happened to be missing from the film’s boat sequel. “I didn’t get to be in that,” Reeves says. The actor continues to express his feeling towards the film, and why he’s more partial to buses than cruise ships. Listen for yourself: