The Daily Heat Index: Nick Offerman Drinks Whisky In Front of a Fire for 45 Minutes

We watched the whole thing. Plus, Christmas ads from Pornhub and first hints about the upcoming Black Panther movies.

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Nick Offerman’s “Yule Log” Will Warm You

Nick Offerman, man coach to the manliest, just outdid himself with the release of his “Yule Log” video, which features 45 minutes of the Parks and Recreation actor, fireside, calmly sipping whisky in complete silence. It’s warm, captivating, and strangely intimate. And it’s only fitting that Offerman teamed up with Lagavulin, his longtime favorite whisky brand, to bring us the video. Maybe it’s a testament to his endorsement skills that we’ve never been more thirsty for a glass.

Pornhub Gets Ballsy with 10/10  Christmas TV Commercial

In an unprecedented bid for your hard-earned gift-giving funds this holiday season, the dark horse of Pornhub has thrown its hat into the ring. Their simple, wordless TV commercial encourages viewers to “give the most touching gift” this year, in the form of a giftcard for the Pornhub Premium service. Christmas gifts are getting harder and harder to buy (does he really want that Sage-Cedarwood Deluxe Aftershave gift set you were eyeing?), and at the impressive rate of $9.99/3 months, Pornhub is winning us over more than we’d expected. From the looks of this commercial, it seems like Pornhub’s HD streaming library could be the gift of choice this season from grandsons, bros, and hip girlfriends everywhere.

Black Panther is Here and He’s a Badass

Black Panther so far has managed to remain out of the spotlight in the relative seclusion of the comic book world, but all that’s set to change in May when the iconic original black superhero makes his big-screen debut in 

Captain America: Civil War

, followed by his own standalone film in February 2018. Actor Chadwick Boseman says the role is no joke, and that Black Panther isn’t playing around. That’s not to say the hero can’t be funny or charming, but if he is, “it’s more like James Bond.” Now that’s something we’re looking forward to seeing.