The Daily Heat Index: Watch Nikki Bella’s Epic Return to WWE SummerSlam

Plus: Thor and Loki reunite for ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ and Jimmy Eat World is back.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Nikki Bella’s Surprise Return
WWE Divas Champ and Total Divas star Nikki Bella believed her career was over after surgery for a dangerous neck injury. Though she was told she’d never set foot in the ring again, the badass brunette proved everyone wrong by making a big return to WWE’s SummerSlam, where she joined forces with Alexa Bliss and Natalya following the suspension of Eva Marie. Watch the clip above to see one of the Bella Twins up to her old wrestling antics. 

Thor and Loki Reunite
Production for Thor: Ragnarok is well underway and recent social media action from star Chris Hemsworth highlighted his reunion with co-star Tom Hiddleston. Hemsworth posted a shot on Twitter of Thor and Loki in average clothes instead of Asgardian armor, selling papers flooded with headlines about them. See more BTS images promoted by Hemsworth on Instagram right here

It’s Time to “Get Right”
Jimmy Eat World marks their return to music with brand new track, “Get Right.” The band has flown under the radar since 2013’s Damage but this new song will certainly be a nostalgia hit for the die hard fans out there.