The Daily Heat Index: There’s No Stopping ‘The Flash’ in the Explosive New Mid-Season Trailer

Plus, everyone’s a loser on ‘Jeopardy,’ and we really want to be friends with John Krasinski.

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We’re Not in Central City Anymore
When we last saw the Flash, he was on a mission to defeat his most dangerous foe yet, Zoom, while attempting to keep his friends safe. In this new mid-season trailer, we bear witness to unexpected runs, friends turned to foe, and a long journey that is out of this world (and this dimension). For those who aren’t already watching The Flash, you damn well should be. The series returns Tuesday from its mid-season hiatus:–Sc

The One Where Everyone’s a Loser
Last night’s final Jeopardy! question proved to be a tough one. In an extremely scare occasion on the long-running game show, the contestants failed to answer the following: “A 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city, signed into law by a president whose library is now there, too,” which led to an unfortunate loss for everyone after all three bet their entire pot. We’re not judging, since we’d probably be in the same boat if we were asked the same thing, but host Alex Trebek seemed a little too giddy when announcing he’d have three new victims (we mean contestants) to deal with the following episode. “So, sorry, folks!”

John Krasinski Sits at the Cool Table
John Krasinski, the star of 13 Hours and other half of superstar actress Emily Blunt, stopped by The Ellen Show to promote his latest film, but his visit basically turned into a hilarious conversation about his wife and Leo DiCaprio. First, Krasinski discusses snorkeling with Blunt and their (potentially fatal) shark scare. He goes on to talk about his 2-year old kid and her fake British accent before bringing up his awkward situations at the Golden Globes. Because he came alone, the star was placed at a table with most of The Revenant cast and crew, making him the odd dude who creeps in the background when they got up to accept their multiple awards. Watch below and maybe you’ll understand why we just want to hang out with Mr. Krasinski: