The Daily Heat Index: Pee-Wee Herman Will Play the Penguin’s Proud Father on Gotham

Plus, we talk science and the Bengals, the battle between Tyler and Trump, and Amy Schumer’s SNL monologue. 

Paul Reubens Reprises His Role as the Penguin’s Poppa

Deja vu, anyone? After portraying the Penguin’s father in 1992’s Batman Returns, the man more commonly known as Pee-Wee Herman will take on the role again in the new season of Gotham. The news broke during this weekend at New York Comic Con, where Robin Lord Taylor enlightened us on the new addition to the Cobblepot family. We’re not sure how their dynamic will play out on the show, but it’s downright creepy how much the two look alike. Good job, casting agents!

​Schumer Slays as SNL Host

Amy Schumer‘s hilarious opening monologue on last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live took aim at the Kardashians. Watch it here.

Dude, Looks Like You’re Shady

Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s reps have sent Donald Trump’s presidential campaign a cease and desist letter to stop the GOP frontrunner from playing “Dream On” at campaign events, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Trump was first told to not use “Dream On” after an Aug. 21 event in Mobile, Ala.

Since then, the song has been used at Trump’s recent rally in Georgia. Trump, who has previously tweeted about his love for Aerosmith, has also been ordered to stop using Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World” at campaign events. Perhaps he should stick to playing the song that embodies his giant ego the most, “You’re The Best” from The Karate Kid soundtrack.

Football & Science Go Hand-in-Hand

Leave it to Neil DeGrasse Tyson to take something pure and good like football and corrupt it with sciency mumbo jumbo. The astrophysicist took to twitter to explain the Bengals win over the Seahawks on Saturday, adding insult to injury…. if you’re a ‘Hawks fan. If you were curious, it’s got something to do with the stadium rotation and other jargon we don’t quite understand.