The Daily Heat Index: Here’s The First Look At Pennywise the Clown’s Creepy Costume For Stephen King’s ‘It’

Are you down with this clown?


(Photo: Warner Bros. / Entertainment Weekly)

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Can You Believe “It?”

After terrorizing us with a close-up look at Bill Skarsgård in full makeup as Pennywise the Clown, Warner Bros. has a released a new full body shot of the creepy villain from Stephen King’s It. Costume designer Janie Bryant told EW the 2017 incarnation is going in a much darker route, aesthetic wise, drawing “from otherworldly past lives” in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian eras. His dusty, jester-like attire allows him to appeal more to a child’s eye.. and makes it much easier to devour them. 

A Tattoo for Sophie Turner
Actors find themselves going to extreme lengths to get into character for a new role, whether mental or physical. For Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, her turn as Josie in indie drama Huntsville meant getting tatted up (albeit, temporarily) with wolves, roses, and pin-up girls. And we gotta say, the ink suits her well. 

Superman’s New Costume
Either Henry Cavill is up-ing his Instagram filter game, or his latest shot is a big tease for Superman’s return in Justice League. Make what you want of the dark, heavily plated armor, but the additional #Superman seems to point right at some Death and Return of Superman comic book inspiration