The Daily Heat Index: It’s Time to Prepare Yourself for ’12 Days of Deadpool’

Plus, someone took out the worst parts of The Phantom Menace, and Kirsten Dunst dominates against Will Smith in a game of ‘Catchphrase.’

Here’s the daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Happy Holidays from Deadpool

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The ‘Merc with the Mouth’ is back for another viral video, and this time, he’s gifting the world with 12 new Deadpool treats each on a new site, leading up to a brand new trailer to open on Christmas Day. Ryan Reynolds, decked out in all red with eggnog in hand, might be the complete opposite of Santa Claus, but these might be the best presents one could ever receive. Check out the list below of where to find new footage and just remember that this version of Saint Nick checks his list not once, but twelve times.

  • Dec.14 – Entertainment Weekly
  • Dec.15 – People Magazine
  • Dec.16 – Deviant Art
  • Dec.17 – Empire Magazine
  • Dec.18 – Fandango
  • Dec.19 – JoBlo
  • Dec.20 – Deadpool Core
  • Dec.21 – Mashable
  • Dec.22 – IMAX
  • Dec.23 – Ryan Reynolds
  • Dec.24 – Trailer Eve
  • Dec.25 – Trailer Day

Casual Game of ‘Catchphrase’

Golden Globe nominees Will Smith and Kirsten Dunst stopped by The Tonight Show to face off in a little game of ‘Catchphrase,’ and the two put their skills to the test. Despite Fallon and Dunst being unable to high-five properly before the game’s start, they ultimately were victorious after guessing terribly hard clues like ‘Can of Whoop Ass’ and ‘Name Dropper.’ The Fargo star also gets serious brownie points for chucking a clue of ‘Saint West’ to the side when she realized she had no idea it even meant. Hey, she’s a busy girl. We don’t blame her. 

Phantom Menace 2.0

Just about anyone you ask will tell you that the Star Wars prequels were subpar additions to the series, and that The Force Awakens is already higher on the rankings list than episodes 1, 2 and 3. While everyone is amped up and ready to for the episode 7’s release, true fans are sitting down and gritting their teeth during their Star Wars marathons, wishing they could simply skip over all things Jar-Jar. Well, YouTube user ‘Jeremy MWest-Esquire’ took some initiative and removed all the annoying, cheesy, and unnecessary parts to the the Star Wars prequels, making the films shorter and bearable. Yes, the edits might not be perfect, but we should still commend him for his valiant efforts. May the force be with you, Jeremy.