The Daily Heat Index: Selena Gomez Invites You to Bed in Her Saucy ‘SNL’ Performance

Plus, it’s an all-out war between Batman and Superman, and we watch things get real raunchy between Deadpool and his girlfriend in the latest clip.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Selena Gomez Steals ‘SNL’
Even with the city at a standstill thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, pop star Selena Gomez still managed to bring the heat to her latest live performance on Saturday Night Live. The show continued on with host Ronda Rousey leading the pack and Gomez right at her side, giving the audience a treat with performances of ‘Same Old Love,’ ‘Good For You,’ and ‘Hands to Myself.’ Things turned a little steamy with the last performance, partnering with a man (and woman) in a cozy bed where things got real, real handsy. Had she taken things outside, Selena alone could’ve been solely responsible for melting all the snow in New York City. 

All-Out Superhero War
Batman is hellbent on erasing Superman from Earth in the latest TV spot for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Cut with clips of him hunched over in the rubble that Superman brought about in the last ‘Man of Steel’ installment, Bruce Wayne goes on a rant to butler Alfred about why he must remove the Kryptonian before he kills any more innocent people. Only time will tell if the Dark Knight is fully prepared for what he’s about to get himself into when the film hits theaters on March 25th. 

That ‘Other’ Big Question
Everyone has some idea as to just how raunchy Deadpool will be come its February 12th release, but the latest clip to hit screens really solidifies that R-rating it received. In the new footage, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) are in bed for what appears to be a very romantic evening. As the two lean in closer and discuss their future with that big ‘unanswered’ question, it appears their thoughts might not exactly be on the same page. The giveaway might be Wade’s lack of pants. Check out the surprisingly sexual clip below: