The Daily Heat Index: Sexy Gandalf Is About to Be Your New Favorite Halloween Costume

Plus, Adele is back, tiger cubs make this Monday tolerable, and we watch a new music video featuring the Fat Jew. 

Here's your daily dose of what's heating up the internet:

You Shall Not Pass!

Halloween is the one time during the year that a girl can take just about any figure of her choosing (like say, a Pizza Rat) and alter its appearance so it's undeniably sexy. There have been some pretty outrageous costumes released, but we're pretty sure this girl from Melbourne takes the cake, dressing up as a 'Sexy Gandalf' from Lord of the Rings. At first glance, you're puzzled by the choice to doll up the White Wizard, but add some fishnets and a nice slip in that raggedy gray garb, and she's got an award-winning costume for All Hallows Eve 2015.

Where Can We Buy a Tiger?

Listen, Mondays kind of suck. It's not their fault, they just signal the start of another work week that slowly sends us spiraling toward our eventual demise, consumed by our lives as cogs in the corporate machine. But today is different. Today, you get to watch a video of downright adorable tigers romping around in a bubble bath. You're welcome.

Did Adele Just Tease a New Track?

Grammy-winner and powerhouse performer Adele might've just previewed her newest recording on British TV last night. Featuring a black screen overlayed with white lyrics, the 30-second commercial featured some soulful sounds very reminiscent of her album that debuted four years ago. Though it hasn't been confirmed, we're sure this is just a tease for what's to come regarding her new music, and we're curious to see just how long it is before her songs are playing in the background of every breakup across the globe. 

Eat and Play

In addition to being one of the sexiest models on the circuit, apparently Gigi Hadid has vision. The 20-year-old co-directed the music video for boyfriend Joe Jonas' new music video, "Cake By The Ocean." Featuring Jonas' new band DNCE, Fat Jew, and tons of bikini-clad girls, it's the perfect start to the week.