The Daily Heat Index: Sharon Stone Might Star In An Upcoming Marvel Movie

Plus: Dwayne Johnson talks the ‘Jumanji’ reboot, and Steph Curry dominates in OT.

Sharon Stone Joins MCU
Marvel is known to rack up a list of A-listers for their films, so when Sharon Stone’s latest admission while on The Late Late Show shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. “I am going to do a Marvel movie,” she said (via ComingSoon). She then went on to add, “I’m just doing a wee part in a Marvel movie, upcoming, and I can’t tell, because you know, you have to sign confidentiality agreements. But I’m going to do a wee part in a Marvel movie now. That’s it.” There’s no confirmation as to the role she’ll bring from page-to-screen, but speculation (and common sense) is interpreting her use of the word ‘wee’ as a sign she’ll play Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp and new player opposite Basic Instinct beau Michael Douglas in Ant-Man and The Wasp.

The Rock Honors Robin Williams
With production for the upcoming Jumanji reboot set to begin in the coming months, lead star Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to clarify what audiences will see when come July 28th, 2017 – and how the film will pay tribute to the late, great Robin Williams. “The love and respect I have for this man is boundless,” Johnson included in his photo caption. “You have my word, we will honor his name and the character of ‘Alan Parrish’ will stand alone and be forever immortalized in the world of JUMANJI in an earnest and cool way. I have an idea of what to do and I think his family will be proud.” He continued to say the film’s direction will stray away from the 1995 story, and will instead relate more to Chris Van Allsburg’s original children’s book.” tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

Steph Curry Is An Absolute Beast
How do you leave one of the richest men on the planet speechless? Billionaire Portland Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen was turned into a meme courtesy of  Golden State Warriors stud Steph Curry’s record 17 points overtime romp in Game 4. Curry’s heroics gave the Warriors a 3-1 series lead, as well as this Vine to laugh at for the rest of today.