The Daily Heat Index: Here’s the Best Stuff You Missed from the Weekend

SNL takes us on Aladdin’s carpet ride, Jacob Tremblay is the best part of the Critics Choice Awards, and Snoop Dogg tries his hand at narrating ‘Planet Earth.’

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

The Real ‘Magic Carpet Ride’
There are an abundance of flaws to Disney films, but most people choose to turn a blind eye in favor of the adorable characters and whimsical story lines. This past Saturday, host Adam Driver (fresh off his role as Kylo Ren) took to SNL with cast member Cecily Strong to prove why Aladdin and his magic carpet ride should’ve gone a little differently in the 1992 animated film. Despite their classic costumes, things went awry when birds, bombs, and a visit to the US Air Force base put a serious dent in the duo’s rendition of ‘A Whole New World.’ A pretty comical skit all-around, but we probably won’t be seeing an Adam Driver EP released any time soon.

All Hail Jacob Tremblay
Although Jacob Tremblay might not have earned himself an Oscar nomination for his role in Room, the 9-year old gave quite possibly the greatest (and heart melting) victory speech after nabbing a 2016 Critics Choice Award. “It must be a super hard vote because of all the other great actors in this category,” Tremblay said as he arrived on stage, causing everyone in the audience to swoon simultaneously with a tsunami of ‘awwwws.’ The young actor went on to thank his co-stars, producers, and parents, before announcing just where he’d place the crystal statue: right next to his Millennium Falcon. Could there be any better place?

Welcome to Plizzanet Earth
Planet Earth’s narrator, David Attenborough, joins the ranks of men and women (like Morgan Freeman and the Moviephone dude) who were blessed with that iconic voice you’ll remember for ages. While we never really considered anyone else to lead us through the depths of the world on the BBC series, D-o-gg himself decided to give it a try and, my God, is it earth-shattering. “Dem is flamingos cause dey pink” and “Sipping water with a lake fulla alligators, they gonna bite yo dumb ass” are just some of the colorful commentary provided by Snoop, and we can’t get enough. Toke up and take a seat ’cause this is the greatest thing we’ve seen in a long time.