The Daily Heat Index: The ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot Gets An Official Title and Promo Image

Plus, Amy Schumer explains the weirdest photos on her phone, and we watch Siri answer questions about ‘Game of Thrones.’

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Spidey Gets A Title
Sony Pictures finally confirmed the lead-in title for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot at Las Vegas CinemaCon, and it’s quite the nostalgic one. Tom Holland will headline Spider-Man: Homecoming next year after first swinging his way onto movie screens next month in Captain America: Civil War. According to Indiewire, Sony’s Tom Rothman gave a brief note on what inspired the title, stating it’s “obviously a high school reference and shows Peter Parker’s enduring conflict — saving the world and getting your homework done.” Spider-Man: Homecoming will be directed by Tom Watts and will mark a new path for Marvel come July 7th, 2017. 

‘Explain This Photo’ with ASchu
Everyone – yes, even you – has that stash of photos hidden on their phone that you pray will never be exposed to the public. While most would be pretty embarrassed to reveal those hideously inappropriate (or overtly sexual) images to the public eye, comedian Amy Schumer and The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon believe otherwise. During a segment on Fallon’s Tuesday show, the two made a game of browsing through each other’s images during a phone swap, and then had the other explain what exactly was going on. What we learned: Celebrities are weird and are basically just like us… except they have a lot more money. 

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Hey Siri, How’s Jon Snow Doing?
Siri, Apple’s digital voice assistant featured on iOS systems, fully knows that Winter Is Coming. With season 6 of Game of Thrones set to premiere in just 11 days, we want answers and we want them now. Because Siri knows she’s a boss-ass bitch, she’s fully prepared to send you back to Westeros with your tail between your legs when you pester her about the critically-acclaimed HBO series. Check out the video above highlighting Siri’s genius responses, courtesy of Vulture