The Daily Heat Index: Start Your Weekend Early with The Newly Dropped ‘Anaconda 2.0’

Plus, we watch Chris Hemsworth race around on a Christmas sleigh, and the most useless kitchen equipment is exposed.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Anaconda 2.0

Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda is still fresh in our ears (and the video certainly still fresh in our eyes). But it’s already out with the old and in with the new, because Anaconda 2.0 is destined for the spot in your playlist. A producer from Nicki’s Anaconda named AnonXmous just dropped the track, but to call it a remix would be underselling it. The new take on 2014’s instant classic has so many new sounds and samples, as well as slower, more bumping drums, that it’s more like an alternate version to the original. Now we just need a new Anaconda 2.0 video to go with it and we’re all set. We imagine we won’t see much of Drake this time around.

Sleigh Ride From Hell

Jimmy Fallon puts his guests through the ringer for the sake of entertainment very often. Whether having them smash eggs on their head, or put a twist on some outrageous tunes, it’s usually all fun and games by the end of the segment. This time around, Fallon takes guest Chris Hemsworth on a sleigh ride obstacle course throughout his studio, but apparently forgets to inform him of what direction to actually go. While passing through obnoxious carousels and tons of fake snow, the In the Heart of the Sea star takes a wrong turn and ends up in a random NBC hallway with nowhere to go. Watch the late night game for yourself, and see if the Tonight Show host won fair and square.

Kitchen Gadget Glory

Kitchens have always been home to some of the modern world’s most baffling gadgets. Egg yolk removal tubes. Pancake ball griddles. Auto-twist spaghetti forks. The kind of thing you get as a gift from an out-of-touch family member. You smile and thank them, try it out once, and then discard it forever. Alton Brown from the Food Network calls these gadgets “unitaskers,” and is here to expose some of the worst of them for The Daily Dot. He’s rounded up a select few of the most useless kitchen products available on Amazon, and honestly, some of them leave us with more questions than answers.

Photos by JC Olivera / WireImage