The Daily Heat Index: The Rock Is Ready to Save the World (Again) with a ‘San Andreas’ Sequel

Plus, Ryan Reynolds looks for a ‘Deadpool’ sidekick, and we watch the weirdest ‘LSB’ showdown yet.

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We’ve Got Some Earth Shattering News
Even with a plot so ‘disastrous,’ San Andreas still managed to grab a sold $473 million dollars worldwide, which in cinematic terms is equivalent to a surefire sequel. According to THR, New Line Cinema is prepared to dive right back in with another disaster movie, hiring a pair of writers with most of the original cast on board, including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino, and Paul Giamatti. While the original focused on devastating earthquakes on the West Coast, the sequel is bringing a little extra heat with focus on the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire. The chances of Johnson using his infamous wrestling catchphrase this time around are slim, but we can bet that something will definitely be burning. 

Double ‘Deadpool’
With confirmation of a Deadpool 2 already underway, fans are anxious to see what comic book staple will stand alongside the ‘Merc with the Mouth’ next time he’s on the big screen. Because his chances of being cast as ‘Cable’ are unlikely, late night host James Corden tried to convince Ryan Reynolds that he’d be the perfect sidekick by trying on an array of superhero costumes that we can confidently say will not leave the cutting room floor. Watch the clip above and see what Reynolds decides that might give the Late Late Show host at least a smidge of hope.

What’d You Do, LSB?
Look, we’re huge fans of Lip Sync Battle, but when you kick off your season with an appearance from Queen B herself, that’s a hard act to follow. Going on its 7th week, comedian Gabriel Iglesias faced off against former MMA master Randy Couture, and it was just plain old weird. Couture should stick to his day job, because he clearly didn’t understand the premise of the show and FORGOT TO LIP SYNC ANYTHING. Iglesias on the other hand, all dolled up for a rendition of ‘Hot Stuff,’ thought it would be a good idea to get ‘Eiffel Towered’ by back-up dancers dressed as The Village People. Why? We have no goddamn idea. In the end, the Fluffy Breaks Even star was crowned a winner, which is a very loose term. Let’s just hope Gigi Hadid does more than pose around when she takes the stage next week.