The Daily Heat Index: Skate Legend Tony Hawk Pulls Off Epic 900 Trick At Age 48

Plus: RIP to the great Pat Summitt and a basebrawl in the minor leagues.

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Tony Starts A ‘Revolution’
A whopping 17 years ago, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk made his mark at the 1999 X-Games with a 900 Revolution: Rotating your board 2 1/2 times in the air with gravity trying to throw you to the bottom of the ramp. In his latest video, Hawk gives the trick another go-around at age 48, even though he clearly has left a substantial impression on the world since going pro at age 14. Everyone should be like Tony

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Welcome to the Basebrawl Jungle
Bench-clearing fights aren’t exactly rare at baseball games, so when Triple-A teams from New Orleans and Memphis went at it during Monday night’s game, ejections came and went as expected. But the greatest part of their brawl was the Memphis DJ’s soundtrack of-choice, scoring the melee to “Welcome to the Jungle”. 

R.I.P. Pat Summitt

Former Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt,  the winningest college basketball coach in Division 1 history, man or woman, has passed away at age 64. Summit ended her career after 38 seasons and 1,098 wins in 2012 after discovering she had early on-set Alzheimer’s.