The Daily Heat Index: Watch Adriana Lima ‘Swerve’ Her Way Into Our Hearts

Plus, a Russian man finds unusually cheesy love, and Chelsea Handler gets real serious for her new docu-series.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Adriana Lima Looks Curvy and Swervy

We’ll be the first to admit it: we have no idea what “The Swerve” is. But that won’t stop us from staring slack-jawed at our screens while a very wiggly Adriana Lima struts around a hotel in various states of undress to Dirt Nasty & Smoov-E’s song ‘Swerve.’ In the video for Vogue, Lima’s moves are more akin to Drake’s in “Hotline Bling” — not so much dancing as awkward, jerking movements, but transfixing nonetheless. Adriana, we’ll watch you swerve any day.

‘Chelsea Does’ It All

The predominately dirty-mouthed E! talk show host has been MIA ever since her show wrapped up last August, but now she’s back, and taking things a little bit more “serious.” Come January, Handler will release a four-part Netflix docu-series titled Chelsea Does, where she’ll cover a variety of topics in an unscripted, most likely extremely funny fashion. Here’s the first promo for the series, in which we see her trying to take things a little bit more serious. Job well done, Chels.

Cheesiest Wedding Ever

A Russian guy got bored with the single life, so he (unofficially) got ‘married’ to a pizza in a pizzeria, with the pizza chefs as witnesses. Why? Because Russia. “Pizza would not betray you…and I love it,” gushed the lucky groom. It’s time to cue Mendelssohn’s Wedding March…you may now kiss the bride.

Photos by Kevin Mazur / WireImage