The Daily Heat Index: Wonder Woman Finds a New Foe

Bryan Cranston is back, a record-breaking event occurs, and rumors swirl regarding fight scenes in BVS: Dawn of Justice. 

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Wonder Woman is Getting Her Hands Dirty

It’s clear that the main plot point in BVS: Dawn of Justice involves heroes Batman and Superman duking it out in an all-out battle, but just who/what has Wonder Woman (played by international goddess, Gal Gidot) ready to pounce? New rumors floating around are saying the Amazonian warrior will go head to head with the infamous DC villain, Doomsday, and those glimpses from the trailer are from said fight. If this is in fact true, our excitement for the film just shot waaaay up. We have a long wait to see if Wonder Woman stands a chance against the creature known for “killing” the unbeatable Man of Steel in the past.

A Look Back at the Cultural Icon

Here’s the first trailer forLife, the James Dean biopic. Rather than focusing exclusively on Dean, it follows Life photographer Dennis Stock as he shoots the young star before East of Eden. Definitely worth checking out when it’s released this Fall.

Don’t Look Down

Spencer Seabrooke makes pretty much anything you did this week look meaningless, compared to his epic, record-breaking free solo slack-lining. He walked 64 meters, 290 meters above the ground, and excuse me while I go re-evaluate my life accomplishments.

We Missed You, Bryan Cranston

Based on a true story, Trumbo profiles celebrated screenwriter Donald Trumbo (played by the formidable Bryan Cranston) who was blacklisted by Hollywood in the 1940’s for his political beliefs. Helping Cranston, who hasn’t been seen in a lead role onscreen since Breaking Bad, tell the tale is an all-star cast of talent: Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, John Goodman, and Louis C.K. Out in November, the first trailer boldly boasts “Nobody has the right to tell you how to write, act, pray, speak, vote, protest, love, work, create, live, talk or THINK.” We can’t wait.