The Daily Heat Index: X-Men Shows Are Coming to TV…Sort Of

Plus, Tracy Morgan preps for his SNL return, and we watch pizza meet booty.

Here’s a daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:

Are Mutants Taking Over Mainstream TV?

Fox and FX are taking serious strides towards new series featuring Marvel’s X-Men characters. One, called Legion, will focus on David Haller, an extremely powerful man known primarily for being the son of telepath, Professor X. The other show, Hellfire, will chronicle the infamous Hellfire Club, and their world-domination plans. We were introduced to this group back in X-Men: First Class, so let’s see if the two have any similarities (and a better version of Emma Frost). The red flag to come from this announcement is the lack of the term ‘mutant’ in the press release. Due to constant legal issues, it’s uncertain if the shows will beat around the bush regarding the term, or embrace the X-Men analogy to the fullest.

Tracy Morgan is Back At It

He showed up at the Emmys, made a comeback stage appearance earlier this week, and now Tracy Morgan is back to his old antics in promos for the new SNL episode. Tracy, alongside Bobby Moynihan, tries to make light of the recent tragedy he went through, all while showing that he’s fully prepared to host this Saturday… and to get people pregnant.

A Little Slice of Heaven

Everybody loves pizza; rats, humans, everyone. Pair that with the universal love of butts and you’ve got something for the history books.