The Daily Heat Index: Relive Your Childhood with This ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Movie/Cartoon Mash-Up

Plus, Will Ferrell is Bro Santa Claus, and we can’t stop watching the newest ‘Mean Tweets’ segment.

The Best of Both (Mutant) Worlds
We’re most definitely not over the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer that graced us with its presence last week, so it comes as no surprise that this newest mash-up is the best #tbt to happen in a long time. The overload first mutant, Apocalypse, was exposed to the world on-screen in the ’90s animated series, and it isn’t until next May’s film that we will see him in all his glory. While we impatiently await that day, one YouTube member with plenty of time on their hands managed to cut footage from the cartoon with the trailer’s audio, creating a beautiful creation that most certainly tugs at the heartstrings a little. Allow this video to bring you back to a better time of Saturday morning cartoons and no responsibilities, but also make sure to pay attention to how different the cartoon creations look in comparison to their film counterparts. Happy Thursday, everyone.

Happy Holidays from Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell stopped by The Tonight Show to introduce the new and improved “bro’d out” Santa Claus that millennials have been waiting for. Ready to deck the halls, balls out, the t-shirt cannon-toting Ferrell talked about his new regime and how he’s changing from the old Saint Nick, including new hair, clothes, and more drone usage. Make sure you’re in the zone if you want the ‘special D from Mr. C,’ according to Ferrell. Ho ho ho, for damn sure.

Another Round of Mean Tweets
Jimmy Kimmel’s best social media-centered segment is back, and the new round of celebrities just really love to hate on themselves. It’s always a pleasure when famous people can take a joke, and it comes as no surprise that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, and a few other greats are not even close to insulted by the completely absurd things some have posted to Twitter. With most of these videos ending with a bang, AHS: Hotel star Sarah Paulson fires back at her tweet guns blazing, which makes the entire segment that much better. Watch for yourself below, and pray that angry tweet of yours never ends up on here: