The Dan Aykroyd Suckiness Scale

The fatter he gets, the more irritating he becomes. Yogi Bear, anyone?

First things first: We love Dan Aykroyd. Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Ghostbusters, Spies Like Us, Grosse Pointe Blank ... the man's been involved with many undisputed classics. (Hell, he was even Oscar-nominated for Driving Miss Daisy!) But it seems like over the last 20-plus years, as Aykroyd's waistline has expanded, so has his penchant for being unbearably annoying.

The graphic below illustrates how sometime around Caddyshack II, Aykroyd began a long, slow decline into phoning in most of his performances while simultaneously phoning for extra-large pizzas. The result? He won't show his face on screen these days, choosing instead to voice the world's lamest talking bear.