The Dan Aykroyd Suckiness Scale

The fatter he gets, the more irritating he becomes. Yogi Bear, anyone?

First things first: We love Dan Aykroyd. Saturday Night Live, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Ghostbusters, Spies Like Us, Grosse Pointe Blank … the man’s been involved with many undisputed classics. (Hell, he was even Oscar-nominated for Driving Miss Daisy!) But it seems like over the last 20-plus years, as Aykroyd’s waistline has expanded, so has his penchant for being unbearably annoying.

The graphic below illustrates how sometime around Caddyshack II, Aykroyd began a long, slow decline into phoning in most of his performances while simultaneously phoning for extra-large pizzas. The result? He won’t show his face on screen these days, choosing instead to voice the world’s lamest talking bear.