King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian's Insane Vegas Party Pad Is Now for Sale

Guns and babes not included.
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Dan Bilzerian's Las Vegas party pad, the site of some of the most infamous and debauched Instagrams of all time, can now be yours. The "rich as fuck" King of Instagram has plans to upgrade to an ever bigger mansion in the city and has listed the Bilzerian estate for a cool $5.1 million.

It may be a touch out of reach for the average home buyer, but just think of the amenities. The pad boasts five en-suite bedrooms, a movie theater, a pool with water and fire features, a built-in bar, underground parking and, needless to say, ample room for all your guns. In all, the manse, adjacent to a golf course, ads up to a spacious 9,400 sq. feet.

Just think of all the good times you could have:

Our two cents: replace all the carpets, fumigate and drain and refill the pool before settling in. 

h/t TMZ

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