Dan Bilzerian has a New Video Game And It’s Exactly What You’d Expect

Are those sexy zombies we spy?

If professional poker player and Instagram fame ball Dan Bilzerian were ever to have a game made about his life partying with gorgeous women, what would it be like? Well, ponder this pressing question no more: The official Dan Bilzerian mobile game is here.

Save Dan
takes you on a haphazard ride through a world rife with “hot zombie chicks” looking to seduce Dan to death, according to the game’s shiny new website. Dropped into the middle of the strangest zombie apocalypse we’ve ever seen, players are tasked with activating special signal beacons and arming yourself with a ridiculous menagerie of weapons in order to kill off these buxom undead babes before they rip Dan limb from limb. Hey, if Dan’s so awesome, why does he need help staving off the undead?
We’re asking the tough questions here.

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The premise of Bilzerian’s game is humdrum at best, but the game itself looks like extremely amateur Machinima animation. There’s a lot of guns and what I assume are lots and lots micro-transactions designed to bleed your wallet dry. Sure, it’s not the most ornate on the planet, but if you want to live a life surrounded by flesh-hungry bikini babes, this adventure’s for you.

Look like your cup of tea? Check it out at the official site

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