Dan Bilzerian's Year In Review Video Proves He's the Reigning King of Instagram

It's got girls, guns, and plenty of cash.
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If you took away Batman's angst and added in an uncomplicated love of money, babes, and guns, you might have Dan Bilzerian. The King of Instagram is an entertaining dude, no doubt, but as his 2016 Year in Review video above clearly shows, he's been given his informal royal title for a reason—he pretty much lives the life of an old-school monarch without the worries of waging war or running a state. He's got concubines:


And of course, a big-ass armory full of weapons, should he indeed need to go to war. 

We didn't even include the fat stacks of cash that comprise King Dan's treasury. After all, while a quick glance at Dan's life can make the most manly man feel like a poindexter, there's no denying the most fun part of noting how well 2016 went for the guy is getting a better look at the aforementioned concubines.

The only downside we can imagine to Life according to Dan Bilzerian is that we're not sure he ever sleeps. Otherwise, how does he have time for all that? 

Whatever you do to keep going Dan, keep on. Just leave a little something for the rest of us. 

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