The Bills’ Dan Carpenter Hitting Himself in the Face Is What Monday Is Going to Feel Like

How’s your New Year’s hangover?

It’s been a long weekend. If you’re like us, you rang in 2016 with such style and vigor that you’re now probably holed up on your couch, sucking down fluids and bracing yourself for the horror that is Monday At The Office.

The Buffalo Bills’ Dan Carpenter is a professional football player and probably doesn’t know this issue — but look at this Vine and tell me it doesn’t Perfectly Sum Up how you feel at this moment in time:″ tml-render-layout=”inline” tml-embed-thumbnail=”

For background: This happened during the second quarter of Sunday’s game against the Jets. The Bills kicker screwed up and missed the perfunctory extra point after a his team scored a touchdown. On the sidelines, a frustrated Carpenter slammed his helmet onto the ground only to have it bounce back and nail him right in the kisser.

Same, Dan. Same.