Dana White Stinks At Virtual Fighting, Is Way Better at Real Fighting

In a stunning turn of events, our gaming editor annihilated the UFC’s head honcho in the new UFC 2009: Undisputed game. We haven’t seen him since.


UFC President Dana White is not afraid to take risks—like giving former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar a title shot or calling out his own fighters for poor performances—which is why it’s not surprising that he shopped around the idea of expanding his MMA empire into the video game realm once more. (Previous attempts at simulated MMA games were the video game equivalent of hardened stools.) After much deliberation, the UFC chose THQ, developers of the WWE wrestling games. The game’s release this week prompted White to make the rounds among us media folk, and we were happy to oblige to take him on in a few rounds. What to expect in the above video: Our gaming editor’s squealing, Dana White‘s blood boiling, and a preview of this weekend’s blockbuster Rashad Evans/Lyoto Machida title fight. Let’s get it on!