Daniel Craig Is Getting Paid $25 Million for the Next Bond Movie

He once said he’d rather “slash his wrists” then play 007 again.

(Photo: MGM)

Variety just rounded up the salaries to top Hollywood actors, even revealing what Daniel Craig will take home for his fifth and final Bond movie.

Their word is that Craig will make $25 million for Bond 25, more than any other actor listed for their recent projects.


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It is a massive pay day, no doubt, but considerably less than the amount previously reported: $135 million. But there was some speculation that number was grossly exaggerated.

It is still less than the amount he reportedly made for his most recent Bond outing, Spectre: $50 million.

Craig famously said he would rather “slash his wrists” with a broken bottle than return to the high-paying franchise. He later backtracked, saying he “can’t wait” to go out on a “high note.”

Bond 25, as it is tentatively called, is set to hit theaters on November 8, 2019.

h/t Business Insider